Walk Like an Egyptian – 2011 Revolution

Sung to the tune of “Walk Like an Egyptian”, by The Bangles.

All the old paintings on the tombsEgyptian revolution Walk like an Egyptian
They do the sand dance don’t you know
If they move too quick
(Oh whey oh)
They’re shot right down like a domino

See the Google man by the Nile
On Twitter he tweets on a bet
Overthrow Mubarak
(Oh whey oh)
We’ll snap our teeth on your bayonet

Foreign types with the hookah pipes say
(Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh)
Walk like an Egyptian
 Walk like an Egyptian
CNN reporters want to stay
Punched around and they hit the floor
They’ve got the moves
(Oh whey oh)
Drop your iPhone then they bring you more

All the people so sick of crooks
They take a stand against the iron hand
When the masses sings
(Oh whey oh)
They’re walking like an Egyptian

All the kids in the Tahrir Square say
(Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh)
Walk like an Egyptian

Slide your feet up the street watch your back
They shift their guns then pull them back
Life’s hard you know
(Oh whey oh)
Champagne corks starting heart attacks

If you want to find all the cops
They’re fleeing the streets and do not stopTahrir square picture
You sing and dance
(Oh whey oh)
They spin their heels run down the block

They all watch closely in Yemen
The democrats call the Kremlin
And the Chinese know
(Oh whey oh)
They walk the line like an Egyptian

All the world stops to say
(Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh)
Walk like an Egyptian
Walk like an Egyptian

Peace brother.

William Russian Jr.

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” ~ Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence


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