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Time to White Flag the War on Drugs.

That’s 2 million tax payer dollars not including hard costs and pay benefits. This money is being spent in a state that is bankrupt, pays civil servants $800,000 a year, has a 25% illegal immigrant population and contained on their own upcoming election ballot is a plebiscite to legalize pot. Mental disturbation. Continue reading

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Flight of the Conduit Condor

As I sat on the top of the seat, head above the windshield and gritting my teeth in anticipation of 50 mile-per-hour insects, I began to relax and consume the experience. It wasn’t until sometime later that I realized that Carl’s highly technical method of controlling accelerator and brakes by use of a stick was flawed. Pliant branches were favorable for their slight ‘give’ but on my ride Carl selected what must have been petrified oak. When he hit the brakes I hit the hood. But not before somersaulting over the windshield and knocking myself out.
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Can you come back? I’ve got to put my Glock together

Read both papers and its quite evident that Texans fight back. And win. A lot. Chicago is home of ‘da Bears’ a damn tough hardy bunch that backs down from no man. But they literally are bringing a golf club to a gun fight. In their own damn homes! Continue reading

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The Heat is on. The LeBron-athon continues

And we need to keep that in mind with LeBron and buddies down in Miami. They (figuratively, since none graduated/attended college) are the three guys a few years removed from graduation that finally found that angel investor jackpot that would make their dreams of working together come true. They’re giddy with excitement and say and do really stupid things. Their families have deeply mixed emotions; for some the prodigal son is leaving home but others welcome with open arms their newly adopted sons.

“To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day” ~ Winston Churchill

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Salvia and the madness of Edgar Allen Poe

The Salvia experiment. The sound was deafening. I was thrashing and screaming (I think) in a mad attempt to escape this unfolding nightmare. I was the kitten chasing a ping-pong ball in the bathtub. This was pure hell and I was Satan. Continue reading

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