Kilroy was here.

Kilroy was here

     That’s spiking the ball!

(military, c. 1940s) Inserted in the manner of graffiti in many remote and difficult-to-access locations to mark the presence of American workers or military personnel.

My every day pleasure the last decade, knowing that during your every waking moment your demise was a certainty – is gone. You thought about it many times and in many ways; Would it come in the stealth of night maybe even while making love to one of your Davidian-like concubines. Is this your last meal because it contains trace poisons? Was that a shadow you saw? Would an explosion or well placed sniper’s bullet suddenly take you from the world and into the void that is to become your being? Will I see into the eyes of my assassin and will he be a silent warrior and a man a generation younger from Kansas City?

I relished thinking of you. The hell and uncertainty. The most wanted and hunted man in the world. And you died unarmed. Just like those on September 11th. Beyond that, the difference is stark, absolute and certain.

Kilroy was here motherfucker! Just like we all knew he would be.

William Russian Jr.

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” ~ SEAL Team motto

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