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Gun Shop to open next to NY Mosque

Munnchack’s perspective is the one that the concerns the Cordoba Initiatives leaders the most. “We don’t understand how an operating gun store and practice facility can be built next to a Mosque. This is America and they could well have elected to build this anyplace other than here,” offered founder Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf. “We realize that they are protected by the 2nd amendment but common sense tells us that this is purposely inflammatory and an insult to practicing Muslims. They’re twisting the Constitution to suit their agenda and not showing any respect to the Muslims that were killed in the 9/11 attacks!” Continue reading

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Can you come back? I’ve got to put my Glock together

Read both papers and its quite evident that Texans fight back. And win. A lot. Chicago is home of ‘da Bears’ a damn tough hardy bunch that backs down from no man. But they literally are bringing a golf club to a gun fight. In their own damn homes! Continue reading

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Guns and Gringos – A Perfect Storm

We’d be better off just building a damn bridge and posting signs that state “Come on in – We’re open” Maybe I’m incredibly naïve and there is a real need for the Mexicans to stop a mass exodus of American’s into their country like a stampede of Old West outlaws. And maybe that’s just what our government is anticipating; American’s fleeing our country to escape prosecution for defending ourselves against the criminal element. Continue reading

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Camping 101

When I first moved to this area 30 years ago we used to go camping to learn about the history and wonder of our new home. Real rustic stuff. Our idea of luxury was having a Port-a-Potty not just near … Continue reading

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