Can you come back? I’ve got to put my Glock together

Chicago NRA Chapter annual meetingI’ve recently had the pleasure of conversing on-line with a gentleman from outside Chicago and talk turned to gun legislation. He was kind enough to share a perspective and some insight that I found stunning. More fascinating than that were his carefully chosen words. They conveyed a sense of “Big Brother” is monitoring our emails. Words are subject to interpretation, and I’m as guilty as anyone of missing the mark, but I couldn’t shake that feeling. This is a fellow countryman I’m speaking with.

The online edition of the Chicago Tribune was a great start to explore this subject to form my own opinion. I read all the topical articles and buried myself deep into the archives. At times I had to remind myself this is a great American city. Gun shops, if they are allowed to even exist, can’t display guns? Chicago confiscated from their citizens what were previously legally purchased guns after passing a prohibition? No wonder my new found friend hedged his words. Mayor Daley says we should emulate Europe and ban guns but he surrounds himself with armed bobbies. They had an alderman state that the U.S. Supreme Court was “far right wing” Jeesh.  

Chicago BearsNow if you were to read the Houston Chronicle a far different scenario unfolds. Houston recently had a 15 year old kid, the son of a sheriff protecting his younger sister, open up on 2 hapless burglars with a fully automatic rifle. Obviously well trained and maintaining his wits he shot one of the would-be thieves 4 times. The wounded moron then drove 20 miles away to a hospital and tried to pass off his wounds as an accident. “I was cleaning my rifle and shot myself, like four times, in my back” Houston is well known for their outstanding medical community and they didn’t have to call one of their NASA scientists to put the truth of this story together.

Now had this same scenario played out in Chicago the kid would have had to scurry from room to room grabbing parts of a dismantled firearm. Then he’d have to pick the trigger lock off and load it. In Chicago minors can’t access weapons. It’d be a life and death game of Shop ‘till You Drop with no inconsequential prize being the well being of his younger sibling. What’s his other immediate option? He might scream “Could you come back in 10 minutes? I’ve got to put my Glock together” What would 2 burglars do when caught inside a home red-handed by 2 younger kids?  

Read both papers and its quite evident that Texans fight back. And win. A lot. Chicago is home of ‘da Bears’ a damn tough hardy bunch that backs down from no man. But they literally are bringing a golf club to a gun fight. In their own damn homes!  I'm Mayor Daley and I approve this ad!

Mayor Daley: In a fight for life with guns, knives and good intentions; good intentions lose.

Every time.

Update July 19th, 2010: C’mon Chicago – wake up and take your city back. We’re all behind you. Do not let the killing of one of your finest go quietly into the night. Michael Bailey and his family deserve more respect. There is a very sad irony in the fact that this man’s duty called for him to guard the mayor’s home. Godspeed Officer Bailey.  
“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it” ~ John Lennon

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