How about them apples?

WHAT apples? This has always driven me bonkers. Haven’t you ever wondered who was the first to say something and in what context? It’s late and now I’ve got this thought rattling around in my head like a loose bolt in the motor. After much brain mining I came up with these possible answers:
1. A wise village elder addresses the village wondering aloud who absconded with the fall harvest. Afterward he turns to a boy near him and whispers “How about them apples?”
2. The farm foreman sharply questions a crop’s owner after a dry and brutal growing season “How about them apples?”
3. A New York City street vendor hawking his wares “Nana’s….we gotcha yella pears….how ‘bout dem apples?”
4.Was it two aging contestants after a county fair lamenting the judging over the most delicious fruit in the county. “My word Ernastine, and how about them apples?”
5. Was it a family visiting the local general goods store back in the old Northwest Territory for the first time after winter ended? Their budget is really tight, Little Joe looks up at mommy, tugs on her dress and begs softly “How about them apples?”
6. Or was it the discombobulated aide to General Custer just seconds before Custer executed him? “General! We need to retreat!!! We need guns… ammo…food! How about them apples?”

So there ya go…… about them apples?


“My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I wanted a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield

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